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Pre-Dance Classes at Charmette

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Specifically for 3- and 4-year-old children, our one-hour preschool “Pre Dance” Classes introduce students to the basic elements of ballet and tap dance movements as well as tumbling in a fun, creative and light-hearted environment.  

We know from Charmette Academy of Dance & Acrobatics, Inc.'s over 60 year dance studio tradition, that this is a "treasured time" as your child slips on their first pair of Tap and Ballet shoes and tip toes into dance class. We believe that each child is unique and special person with their own gifts to share with the world.

Using entertaining sing-along music, teachers work with students to combine ballet and tap steps with hand motions, movement and rhythm.  The group environment teaches social skills, manners, courtesy, how to take turns and how to follow directions from teachers.

These enjoyable Pre-Dance Classes help preschoolers develop an interest in dance, as well as build their coordination, self-expression and motor skills that lead to proper dance technique.  

of dance classes and private lessons for all levels of dancers. Our professional, adult teaching staff provides positive, supportive reinforcement in a caring, fun and loving atmosphere within which students can learn and excel.  
Charmette is home of the Stars of Tomorrow -- a company of nationally recognized and award-winning groups 
under the direction of Angie Klevorn and Margie Rowe.