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Charmette Dance Studio:
A Leading St. Louis Dance School for More Than 60 Years

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Charmette dance studio is a well-established and well-respected dance school located in south-central suburban St. Louis County. For more than 60 years, Charmette dance studio has offered a wide variety of dance classes and private lessons (ballet/pointe, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, modern, musical theater and tap) to all levels of dancers from ages 3 through high school – as well as adults.

Charmette dance studio moved to a new, professionally constructed facility in 2006 -featuring three dance rooms with hardwood floors, full-length wall mirrors, stationary and moveable barres, superior sound systems, and one-way viewing windows.  

The dance school prides itself on having an experienced adult teaching staff – all of whom are both great instructors and performers. Charmette's teachers are encouraged to focus on providing quality instruction and positive, supportive reinforcement in a caring, fun and loving atmosphere within which your child can learn and excel.  

As a family-owned and family-oriented dance studio, Charmette also strives to provide a positive, welcoming atmosphere for its students and their families.  We recognize that dancers gain strength and skills at a varying pace and encourage every individual to work his/her hardest to be the best he/she can be. We provide constructive corrections and supportive reinforcement in every class and avoid comparing dancers to each other.  

As dance school instructors, we recognize and leverage the fact that dance can promote:
  • A sense of accomplishment, self-confidence and self-esteem  
  • Physical health including flexibility, mobility strength and coordination  
  • A love of music and movement  
  • Rhythm, musicality and creativity  
  • A positive spirit and character with integrity and passion  
  • The importance of teamwork, responsibility and respect  
  • Self-discipline, responsibility and time management    
For students who want to pursue dance at a competitive level, Charmette dance studio offers the opportunity to join the Stars of Tomorrow – a company of nationally recognized and award-winning groups under the direction of Angie Klevorn and Margie Rowe.   

The Stars of Tomorrow team provides company members with a chance to hone their performing skills while learning cooperation and responsibility as they work with teammates and choreographers to bring well-rehearsed and entertaining dance numbers to the stage in St. Louis, as well as at regional and national competitions.

Charmette's Mission

"Our vision is to provide
students with opportunities 
to enrich themselves in artistic
expression in a caring, fun
and loving atmosphere.

To improve self-esteem,
confidence, poise, grace
 and physical fitness.  

To teach every child 
that they have the potential 
to fulfill their dreams 
and that they can do great 
and marvelous things 
if they use their minds 
and bodies."